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Baked products belong to “Light Food Culture”. “Light Food Culture” has become a fashionable trend in food culture. “Light Food” refers to food that looks delicate and is not filling, easy to carry and what is more, it is enjoyable and delicious while keeping you slim.

Baking business has enormous potentials for development. If you have the intention of investing in baking business but are not familiar with its operations and management or if the shop you are operating currently is not doing well or facing strong competitors, perhaps we are your best partner for a strategic alliance.

The man at the helm Mr. Koh Eng Seng has a wealth of experience in the business and a stable “Operating Pattern”. With our Win-win Policy, we are able to assist you to set up a cake house from scratch including the setting up of a kitchen, purchase of machineries, training of staff, management of the retail shop etc, practically from A to Z.

We might be strangers to each other, but we are friendly and can bring you satisfaction after meeting the challenges ahead. We are here to work together with you in creating a business opportunity for the future.

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