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About 25 years ago, some delicate “candy dolls” made their appearance in the baking sector in our country. It is learnt that they were cake ornaments made in Japan and imported by Singapore. There was a popular demand for these pioneering products in baking industry. Many baking masters showed great interest in them.

Mr. Koh Eng Seng who had an enthusiasm in baking realized that the “Candy Doll” had a good potential in the market. It would definitely sell well if he could produce it. So, he began his research work 20 years ago. After gaining valuable experiences from his numerous failures and with his own efforts only, he successfully made the “Candy Doll” that offers a variety of choices.  

His past failures brought him a precious business opportunity. The “Candy Dolls” produced are exquisitely made in different patterns and are well accepted by other bakers and ingredient dealers who place their orders with us. At the peak of production, we had a record of producing a variety of 120 delicately-made candy dolls.

To our knowledge, “Happy Angel's” is currently the only company specializes in producing candy dolls in the country. In addition to supplying the products to a number of well-known cake-house chains, we also take orders for out-sourcing services. You are welcomed to contact us at telephone No: 605-6212725.



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