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“Happy Angel's Cake House Sdn Bhd” has become famous far and near in baking sector by being a pioneer in “Candy Doll”. However, this did not satisfy our desire to achieve new creations and reforms with our entrepreneur spirit. When our techniques in “Candy Doll” have become mature and consistent, we successfully rolled out another new product in the market which is used as offerings.

About eight years ago, based on the technical theory for making
“Candy Doll”, Mr. Koh Eng Seng came up with the idea of making
“Sugar-made 0fferings” which present a delicate look and
bright colours and are lifelike. For example, peaches,
pineapples, lucky symbols or mascots etc. that can be
used by Taoism, Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism
and others.

Our first and foremost consideration in making
sacrificial offerings is hygiene. There are two
types of ingredients used, viz. sugar and flour.
With our unique recipes, our products are
durable. Our sugar offerings can
be placed on the altar for at
least 8 months or even longer.


The sugar offerings not only serve as offerings to the deities/god, but also can be a decoration for the altar or niche. There are more than 20 varieties in the range. The most important points to be considered are ‘easy to manage’ and at ‘reasonable prices’ which make them another good selection for you.


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