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If you wish to “possess a skill that benefits you whole life” and to start your business in baking, this is absolutely the most crucial starting point for you!

Mr. Koh Eng Seng, founder of “Happy Angles” has trained a good number of outstanding bakers in the past decades. His instruction is not one that is confined to an air-con room reciting books but rather in an operating cake shop which provides a practical work place for teaching.

A practical work place for teaching provides students actual practical experiences that will help them adapt to and get into the job more easily when they work for other companies or embark on their own business after graduation. There will not be a big difference between a ‘classroom’ and an actual ‘kitchen’.

Baking includes baking of breads, cookies, cakes, sweet pastry etc. You may make your choice according to your liking or market demands. You can select a single course (e.g. breads) or a combined package. What needs to be emphasized is they are conducted by Mr. Koh Eng Seng himself.

Grasp the opportunity and start your own career when an ideal starting
point is already provided for. Are you ready?
It is in Teluk Intan. Telephone No: 605-6212725
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